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St. George's

St. George's Parish

Includes Town of St. George. The Parish was named jointly for Bermuda's Elizabethan patron and founder, Englishman Admiral Sir George Somers - his Somers coat of arms, copyrighted by his family, members of which still exist today, is exactly what is shown on Bermuda's St. George's Parish crest - and the patron saint of England.



Hamilton Parish

Originally called Harrington, after Lucy Harrington, a wealthy and influential woman in the Elizabethan era. Part of the Parish and a local Government run school still have her name. Then came another Elizabethan patron, James Hamilton. He was one of the many Scots peers who accompanied King James VI of Scotland and first of England to London when he ascended the throne on the death of Queen Elizabeth 1.



Smith's Parish

Lies between Devonshire Parish to the west and Hamilton Parish to the East. Has sea frontage on the South and North shores and southern side of the inland lake of Harrington Sound. The Parish was named after one of Bermuda's Elizabethan patrons, Sir Thomas Smith an English aristocrat with humble beginnings as a London haberdasher's assistant who raised himself by his integrity to great responsibilities and riches.



Devonshire Parish

Named for Bermuda's Elizabethan patron, William Cavendish, First Earl of Devonshire. He was born to an enormous fortune and was the uncle of the Earl of Pembroke. He entered Parliament as the member for Newport in the year of the Armada and remained inconspicuous until the death of Queen Elizabeth 1 and accession of King James.



Pembroke Parish

Named after Bermuda's Elizabethan patron, English aristocrat the third Earl of Pembroke. He was the nephew of Sir Philip Sydney and richest peer in England. He took his title from the market town of Pembroke in Pembrokeshire, Wales. Dramatist William Shakespeare knew him well and dedicated his first folio printing of his collected works to Pembroke and his brother.



Paget Parish

Named after Elizabethan patron and English aristocrat William Paget. Born in the year of the Massacre of St. Bartholomew, he spent much of his life under suspicion in England because of his father's ardent Roman Catholicism. His father fled to Spain and was considered a traitor. He was one of the illustrious band of gentlemen "Adventurers" who invested in the Bermuda Company to colonize the islands from 1615 onwards.



Warwick Parish

Named after one of Bermuda's Elizabethan patrons, Robert Rich, second Earl of Warwick. He was the largest original shareholder in Warwick. When young, this Earl of Warwick was decorative. Later, he took such an interest in overseas expansion that he became a member of the Bermuda Company in 1614 and was on the Council of the New England Company in 1620.



Southampton Parish

Named after Henry Wriothesley, Third Earl of Southampton, an English aristocrat, the patron and friend of William Shakespeare. He served against the Spaniards in the Calais Expedition but was implicated in the Essex Plot and imprisoned by Queen Elizabeth 1. Set free by King James, he was made a Knight of the Garter. He died in the Low Countries fighting the tyranny of Spain.



Sandys Parish

Includes Somerset Island, Boaz Island, Ireland Island and Watford Island connected by bridges and serviced by buses and ferries. Named in honor of one of Bermuda's Elizabethan patrons, English aristocrat Sir Edwin Sandys. He was the second son of the Archbishop of the city of York in England. He accompanied King James on his triumphal progress through England when he ascended the throne on the death of Queen Elizabeth.

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